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St. Paul Presbyterian Church - Homepage
St. Paul Presbyterian Church
11 N Park St, San Angelo, TX 76901
(325) 653-5691
Sunday Worship - 10:00 am Online

West Texas Opportunities & Solutions

WTOS-San Angelo Community Action Agenda 

2015 & Forward


West Texas Opportunities and Solutions - San Angelo (WTOS-SA)

is a coalition of churches and organizations in Tom Green County organized to work together to achieve God's ends of a more just society in which the young grow up safely, the elderly are treated with dignity, workers are able to enjoy the fruits of their labors, and all people experience the abundant life towards which God is working in the world (Isaiah 65). To these ends, we commit ourselves to work for a just and prosperous community by working with God and one another for:

  1. Develop family and community financial well-being
    1. Promote living-wage jobs and fair compensation for injured workers
    2. Continue neighborhood revitalization and preservation
    3. Increase access to affordable housing
    4. Educate consumers about legal rights and responsibilities
    5. Foster economic development of local businesses
    6. Ensure fair and equitable valuation of taxable property
  2. Promote access to affordable physical and mental healthcare
    1. Expand local professional care
    2. Support access for homeless and traditionally under-served individuals
    3. Increase availability of affordable insurance and health service
  3. Improve and maintain physical and organizational infrastructure
    1. Ensure equitable and effective work on infrastructure maintenance and neighborhood amenities
    2. Increase city/county and agency collaboration on services
    3. Improve transportation routes and schedules
  4. Strengthen education
    1. Ensure effectiveness, equity and accessibility for all students
    2. Improve financial support for public education
    3. Diversify faculty and administrative staff
    4. Seek change of ineffective State requirements
    5. Improve access to tutoring, libraries, and support for special needs
  5. Protect civil rights
    1. Actively advance diversity in all levels of government, agencies and businesses
    2. Remove barriers to voting
    3. Increase voter participation
  6. Foster respectful and effective services to the public
    1. Promote effective and respectful service to the public
    2. Press for timely completion of approved projects
    3. Pursue improved service, communication, and coordination between government and agencies
    4. Increase access to government for non-Internet users
  7. Advance the integrity and effectiveness of our justice systems
    1. Ensure equitable security and service for all
    2. Promote effective prevention, equitable enforcement, and just resolution
    3. Strengthen positive relationships between law enforcement and community
    4. Encourage effective responses to family violence, human trafficking and the abuse of children
  8. Expand the supply and stewardship of water
    1. Ensure affordable access
    2. Acquire reliable long-term sources of water
    3. Promote sustainable conservation