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St. Paul Presbyterian Church - Homepage
St. Paul Presbyterian Church
11 N Park St, San Angelo, TX 76901
(325) 653-5691
Sunday Worship - 8:30 am & 11 am
Sunday School - 9:30 am


Communion set up

We welcome everyone . . . rich and poor, brown and white and black, young and old, gay and straight, thin and not . . . we show love, respect and acceptance for all people because Jesus has accepted us just as we are.

We transform the world . . . from painting houses to confronting drug dealers and city council, from giving birth to ministries like Kids Eat Free to providing a safe place for abused, differently-abled and unwanted people.

We joyfully worship the Triune God . . . celebrating sacraments, singing traditional and contemporary music, creating and displaying arts, and being sent forth to live out the love of Jesus that makes the world a truly different place.

St. Paul has two very similar worship services each Sunday morning at 8:30 & 11. Sunday School for all ages is at 9:30.  We will be happy to direct you and your family to the right place. 

We celebrate Communion at both Sunday worship services on the first Sunday of each month.  St. Paul practices open Communion and all are welcome to participate.

St. Paul worship is a combination of traditional and contemporary, liturgical and free.  We have a set order of worship we use most every week that is printed in the bulletins handed out Sunday mornings.  Directions in the bulletin are especially helpful for telling newcomers when we stand and sit, where to find the songs we sing, and what is going on during worship.

On any given Sunday, our pastor will preach, we will sing songs that may range from traditional hymns like "A Mighty Fortress is our God" to contemporary songs like "Jesus, Messiah" to global music from places like Africa, Argentina or Japan. Most weeks, the choir or a soloist sings at 11 AM. Sometimes drama, liturgical dance, and other creative arts are a part of our worship.


We celebrate worship as the joyful start of our service in the world where we LIVE THE LOVE OF JESUS!

Updated 1/22/16